Book A Seminar!

We would love to give a seminar on homeschooling to your church or group!

These seminars have two formats:


Song-inar -

This is a light musical presentation by our family, Dan, Margie, Carrie and Annie White.  We play Spanish guitars and do vocals, performing Christian songs, some standard, some original, with our own arrangements.  During this presentation we talk about the positives of Christian homeschooling.  The song-inar will last from 75-90 minutes.


Seminar -

This is an intensive speaking presentation about the relative merits of Christian homeschooling and the government public schools.  The majority of Christians still support the public schools and this material challenges them to examine that position.  The seminar will be interactive, accepting questions and comments from the audience.


There is no financial obligation required to have us give these seminars.


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