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Issue #145 html text-only - Responsibility

Issue #144html text-only – Homeschool character.

Issue #143 html text-only – What can God do for homeschoolers?

Issue #142 html text-only – Cell phone corruption.

Issue #141 html text-only – How churches lose their young.

Issue #140 html text-only – The magnificence of marriage.

Issue #139 – html text-only – Opportunity to escape the public schools.

Issue #138 - html text-only – Obama’s recommended reading for kids.

Issue #137 - html text-only – If Tiger Would, Who Wouldn't?

Issue #136 -
html text-onlySweden moves against homeschooling.

Issue #135 - html text-onlyWhere the puck is going.

Issue #134 - html text-onlySarah Palin and the hearts of the children.

Issue #133 - html text-onlyThe next generation of Christian homeschoolers.

Issue #132 - html text-onlyThe long school day.

Issue #131 - html text-onlyA brilliant decision.

Issue #129 - html text-onlyTwo kinds of shirts.

Issue #128 - html text-onlySome great purpose and design.

Issue #127 - html text-onlyHomeschool channel developing.

Issue #126 - html text-onlySeeing what you can’t see and knowing what you don’t know.

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