Homeschool Helpers

Issue 136, November 30, 2009
From Homeschool Helpers

By Dan L. White


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The Godless socialists will attack Christian homeschooling in America. It is only a question of when and how.

In pondering the how, it’s interesting to look at how homeschooling is being attacked now.

Hitler would be proud of Sweden. Hitler had a program of national socialism; that’s where the term Nazi comes from. Sweden is an oppressively socialist nation where most fit the Aryan model and not only do they look alike, the government expects them all to think alike.

On August 17, the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reported that the Israeli army is murdering Palestinians to harvest organs for sale on the black market. That is exactly the same kind of anti-Semitic propaganda that the Germans poured forth in the Third Reich, and that was printed by the leading daily newspaper in Sweden. Again, Hitler would be proud.

Now Sweden is moving to ban homeschooling, just as Hitler did and Germany still does. The measure will be voted on in the first part of 2010 and if passed will go into effect in 2011. They do not intend to allow parents to homeschool for religious reasons. This is their reasoning:

" in school should be comprehensive and objective and thereby designed so that all pupils can participate, regardless of what religious or philosophical reasons the pupil or his or her caretakers may have...there is no need for the law to offer the possibility of homeschooling because of religious or philosophical reasons in the family.”

They say that since the public schools allow every possible belief, there is never a need for a parent to avoid the public schools because of a religious belief. This is perfect pluralism.

This is a bit of a different line of reasoning than the German approach. The German reasoning is that non-government schooling will create a parallel society that is dangerous to the overall society. US judges have also followed that general line of reasoning in ordering children in divorce cases out of homeschooling. The Swedes, though, are saying that their public schools allow all possible religions and beliefs. Therefore, there can be no possible religious reason to avoid them.

Sometimes it is said that there are no absolutes. Of course, that statement contradicts itself because it puts that forth as an absolute. In a similar way, when the Swedish socialists say that their pluralist religion allows all beliefs, they are specifically not allowing disagreement with pluralism.  They allow only religious beliefs that embrace all religious beliefs. Therefore they must exclude the belief that Christ is the only way to life, which is the crux of belief in Him.

Thus their position is false. They are not all inclusive. They are specifically exclusive. In fact, the educational authorities who came up with the new legislation banning homeschooling refused to consult with the homeschoolers in Sweden whose lives will be forever changed by the law. Their pluralism and tolerance did not extend that far.

Notice the enormous contradiction there. Sweden is banning homeschooling for Christians because they say they include all views in their government schools. Yet when they make the law banning homeschooling, they refuse to even talk with the Christian homeschoolers. They said they didn’t have the time to talk with them. How inclusive is that?

Also the Minister for Education has stated that, “Pupils must be protected from all forms of fundamentalism.” Therefore their position against homeschooling is a total lie. They are not trying to include all beliefs. They are trying to exterminate certain beliefs.

Sweden’s schools have sex classes from the earliest grades, where they teach condom use, sexual positioning and same sex encounters. At the same time they are moving to make all students attend government schools, they are moving to force all students to take these sex classes.

The bottom line is that the Swedes are saying that their government way is perfect and they will not allow any disagreement with that. Think about that for a moment. Their government is perfect and you must accept whatever their government decrees. And that leads us right back to Adolf Hitler. He would be proud.

As I said, it is inevitable that the left will attack Christian homeschooling in America. The Germans have talked about parallel societies. The Swedes have said their schools are so perfect no one needs to avoid them. Other attacks against homeschooling are underway. In all these cases the goal of the governments is to mold the minds of the young people into what the government wants, subservient socialists. Which is exactly what Hitler wanted, and got.