Homeschool Helpers

Issue 135, November 22, 2009
From Homeschool Helpers

By Dan L. White


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Where is the Puck Going?

Wayne Gretzky, the Great One of hockey, is known for a quote picked up from his father: “Go to where the puck is going, not where it has been.”

Look at these examples of where the puck started and where it went.

US public schools were begun to teach students to read so they could read the Bible. That’s where the puck started. Where did the puck go? God, the Bible and prayer were forbidden in these schools.

Gold and silver used to be common currency in the US. That was supplemented by paper money, but that paper could be redeemed for gold or silver. Eventually the puck slid to having paper money only, backed by nothing else. In these economically turbulent times many people now realize how slippery the ice was on that play.

A century ago most welfare assistance was by churches and charities. When government subsidies began, they were given to widows with children so they could stay home and take care of their young. Unmarried or divorced mothers were not eligible for such aid. Eventually government came to be the biggest source of welfare and slap shot the puck to the far side of the rink. Lyndon Johnson made all single mothers eligible for welfare, leading to an explosion of government supported unwed mothers. To combat that welfare mentality, mothers who receive government assistance are now often required to work, leaving widows with children without time to take care of the kids the welfare was originally designed to help.

“Go to where the puck is going, not where it has been.”

 People usually think of life as a stuck puck. They see where it is now and assume it will stay there. It never does.

Obama recently signed into law the federal hate crimes bill, adding homosexuality to the list of federal hate crimes. Government officials are now responsible for prosecuting people based on what they think people think about homosexuality.

That’s where the puck is now. Where is it going?

Preachers will not be able to preach the Bible. They will not be able to preach the Bible when it speaks against sex sins. They will not be able to preach the Bible on child rearing. Ultimately they will not be able to preach the Bible when it says that Christ is the one way to life.

Christian schools will not be able to teach that the God of the Bible is creator. After all, He is ultimately the source of “hate religion.” They will have to teach evolution, the belief in creation without a creator, just as all government schools now do.

Homeschoolers will not be able to homeschool as they currently do. Most homeschoolers are conservative Christians who homeschool to escape the anti-God government schools. They will have government overseers intrude regularly into their homes to strictly supervise them. Home schools will be an approved extension of the government education system or their children will be taken away.

Public school parents will not be able to live a conservative Christian life at home. They will be reported by their children to the government agents, the teachers, for any suspect activities, such as Christian teaching.

That’s where this puck is going.

Is that hard to believe? Remember that the mentality of the hate crimes people is the same as those who decided that the US Constitution guarantees a woman the right to kill her unborn child.

To get enough votes, a provision was attached to the homosexual hate crimes law stating that it could not be used against religious beliefs. That’s doublespeak. Who is against homosexuality? Religious people. Who are the liberals constantly struggling against with their homosexual agenda? Religious people. Who, then, must the law be used against? Religious people. Now that it is in place, this law will be interpreted as necessary to accomplish its end.

People who began common schools in America to teach kids to read the Bible could never imagine that those schools would forbid reading the Bible. Americans who held paper that represented gold and silver would never believe we would wind up holding just paper. And Congressmen who wanted to help widows with children did not see that government welfare would create a corps of unwed mothers while widows with children have to work.

Obama signed the hate crimes bill into law. That’s where the puck is now. How long will it take them to slide the puck across the rink?