Homeschool Helpers

Issue 133, November 2, 2009
From Homeschool Helpers

By Dan L. White


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Obama signed the homosexual hate crimes law. That is now the law of America. This changes everything.

Several years ago I was speaking at a Feast of Tabernacles, talking about what has just happened, about making speaking against homosexuality illegal. Someone in the audience said that we did not have to speak against homosexuality; just preach the gospel. What a great line! Donít speak against sin. Just preach the gospel. But Christ came to call sinners to repentance. John the Baptizer told the crowds to bring forth fruits of repentance. Peter told the crowds at Pentecost, ďRepent, and be baptizedĒ and ďRepent therefore, and turn again, that your sins may be blotted out.Ē If you do not stand against sin, you do not stand for Christ. His whole purpose was to do away with sin, past, present and future. If people donít know what sin is, they canít repent of their sins.

We just sent an article to World Net Daily, which they probably will include on the commentary section of their web site. In that article we cite several areas where the result wound up far away from the original program. Public schools were begun to teach students to read so they could read the Bible, ending in the public schools forbidding reading the Bible. Originally our money was gold and silver, then paper representing gold and silver, then just paper. Aid to dependent mothers began as a government program to help widows with children, and unwed mothers were not eligible. The great society changed that program and wound up creating a nation of unwed mothers.

In view of that, what about the homosexual hate crimes law? What happens with this?

This will impact the lives of Christian homeschoolers very much. In the future we can consider exactly how that may happen. For now we will only say that this will change our lives.

You notice in all the preceding examples that it took some time to go from point A to point Z. We will assume that will be the case with the homosexual hate crimes law, although events certainly seem to move faster in these modern times. Therefore, it would seem that the Hitler effect of this law will be more prevalent in our childrenís time than in our time. The great majority of Christian homeschool graduates intend to homeschool themselves. It is they who will probably face the greatest pressure from the national socialists.

What will that pressure be?

Not to teach the Bible to their children. Not to speak the Bible in their homes. Not to live the Bible in their lives.

Thatís all. Just as they have done in their schools.

If someone wants to homeschool and teach reading better or math better, or teach mechanics or animal husbandry, the socialists wonít have too much of a problem with that. If you teach that Christ is the one way to life, they have a real problem with that.

So as I sit here writing this, I reflect back on over thirty years of being involved with homeschooling. In fact, I noticed this morning that someone had opened an old Mother Earth News to an interview with John Holt, which introduced homeschooling to us back in the 70ís. Those thirty years have been enormously blessed. Hardly any big problems have arisen in our little kingdom as we keep trudging pleasantly on, week after week, year after year, decade after decade. I am on the front porch in the middle of our forty acres, the sun is warming my old bones, I am surrounded by peace and natural beauty, and thatís pretty much been the story of our lives. We were on a big upwave in homeschooling. It was becoming more popular and more accepted, with little really intense opposition. But I do not think it will be that way for our children, when they homeschool theirs.

Let your children know now that Christ is the one way to life. It is breaking the first commandment against having any other gods to let young people be taught that God does not exist. The public schools are now teaching homosexuality as a way of life. Which is worse, teaching homosexuality or teaching that God does not exist? The latter teaching is worse, because the former teaching comes from that. Prepare your children to be homeschool parents themselves, and to be willing to stand up for Christ, which is ultimately what Christian homeschooling is about. They will probably have an even better opportunity to stand for Christ in their homeschooling experience than we did.