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Issue 131, October 18, 2009
From Homeschool Helpers

By Dan L. White


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We got back from the Feast of Tabernacles several days ago. That is an annual revival, eight days of private devotions, fellowship activities, and group Bible studies and sermons. These Bible festivals were kept by the early Christians until Rome took over, and as we come closer to the end time, these spiritual revivals are again being observed by increasing numbers of believers.

These feasts are very enjoyable, of course. The high point of the week for us was several times when Margie and I parked by the Illinois River and spent a number of hours there reading our Bibles and relaxing. We also had enjoyable times meeting with old friends and meeting new friends at several picnics and dinners.

Now we are back, and this is what face when we get back from Tabernacles.

The socialists have introduced legislation to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, which says that the Federal Government has to recognize marriage as only between a man and a woman. Thirty states have passed measures to limit marriage to a man and a woman and fifteen other states have such laws in place. Repeal of the DOMA will allow the federal government to force homosexual marriage on all states, regardless of what their people want.

Obama gave a speech before the largest homosexual coercion group the Human Rights Campaign. He told them he supported them, and they gave him a standing ovation.

Obama has nominated Chai Feldblum, a lesbian activist, to be commissioner for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She has yet to be confirmed by the Senate, but there is no reason to doubt that will happen.

One News Now says, "Chai Feldblum is on record saying that the battle between our religious freedoms and homosexual so-called rights is a zero sum game," says Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality.

"She says she can't think of a case where the religious rights -- in other words, our moral right to oppose homosexuality, our First Amendment freedom -- trump their gay rights. So, effectively, Chai Feldblum is for superior rights for homosexuals, and I think that's very dangerous for our country." Speaking at a forum in 2004, Feldblum stated that "gay sex is morally good."

In addition, a poll came out saying that majority of Americans favor letting homosexuals have civil unions, which are marriages without using the word marriage. Four out of ten Americans now favor letting them get “married.”

On Thursday during the feast of Tabernacles, the House of Representatives passed a hate crime law. They attached it to a defense spending bill to get some dumb Republicans to vote for it. Enough dumb Republicans did.

"For the first time in American history we are criminalizing thought," an American Family Association analyst says. "Thomas Jefferson said the reach of legislation should extend to actions only and not to opinions -- and now we are punishing people not just for what they did, but what they were thinking when they did it.

"It's also going to have a chilling effect on freedom of speech, especially religious speech. And [in] other places where these hate crimes bills have gone into effect, pastors have wound up in jail or fined for preaching a biblical view of homosexuality."

There is no overstating how serious these times are in America. The economic problems affect most of us, yet those problems are small compared to the spiritual challenge the nation faces. It is really hard to believe what we are seeing in our beloved country, yet there it is.

All of this was going on while we were at the Feast of Tabernacles. Getting away for that time of refreshing was good. Now that we are back, let all of us determine to try harder to follow Christ and do more to prepare for the return of the King of kings.

In the midst of all this mess again let me say, that decision you made to homeschool your children –

It was brilliant.