Homeschool Helpers

Issue 144, January 31, 2010
From Homeschool Helpers

By Dan L. White

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Ti m Tebow has character.

In next Sunday’s Super Bowl football game, Tim Tebow and his mother will be doing an ad opposing abortion. He has a personal stake in being anti-abortion. Tim’s parents were Christian missionaries in the Phillipines. When Tim’s mother was pregnant with Tim, there was a problem and she was advised by a doctor there to abort Tim.

Being a Christian, she and her husband chose not to do that. They let Tim live.

Tim grew up to be perhaps the greatest collegiate football player ever. He played on two national championship teams and was the first sophomore ever to win the Heisman, awarded to the year’s best player. The winner is chosen by vote of sports writers, and journalists are notoriously liberal. Had it not been for his openly Christian religion, Tim likely would have won it more than once, which only one player has ever done. Tebow was the first quarterback in history to rush and throw for more than twenty touchdowns in a season. He set the Southeastern Conference record for rushing touchdowns.

What made Tim the great player that he was, though, was more than athletic skills. It was character. In the national championship game last year, his leadership was very apparent when he led his team to victory over Oklahoma. He tried harder and he made his team try harder.

Now his character is again apparent. Focus on the Family is paying over two million dollars for the Super Bowl anti-abortion ad featuring Tim and his mother. The pro-abortion liberals are about to have a calf over the ad, and they want to abort the calf and the ad. They are protesting mightily to CBS and threatening to file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission, which is under the control of the Obama administration. CBS still intends to run the ad. After all, in these tough economic times, they can use the two million bucks. Obama acts like he is dictator of the country, so it will be interesting to see if he intervenes in some way to get the ad canceled.

By opposing this ad, the liberals basically are taking the position that Tim Tebow should have been killed. That’s really the bottom line of the two positions. Those who favor the ad and who oppose abortion think that Tim should not have been killed. Those who oppose the ad and favor abortion think that Tim should have been killed.

Understand that Tim Tebow has a secure financial position . He could have gone professional and joined the National Football League last year, but he chose to play one more year of college ball at Florida. He had a great season and is still in good health with no career ending injuries. Now a senior, he is ready to sign with an NFL team and that will make him a multi-millionaire. But he is willing to put that at risk to whatever degree by appearing in this anti-abortion ad. America has a lot of devoted anti-Christ people, mostly thanks to the left wing schools. Some teams will not be interested in bidding for him simply because he is an open Christian. This ad may cost him millions of dollars and will certainly have an effect on his professional career.

Yet he’s willing to make this stand. That’s character.

Tim Tebow was homeschooled. Very few people realize just what that means. When they think of schooling, they only think of math and language and social studies. They do not think of character as being part of an education because they are used to the mindless mediocrity of the soulless institution that is the public schools. Yet teaching character, responsibility, service and leadership is the most important part of an education. Institutions cannot teach character. Parents can.

And that’s what Tim was taught in his homeschooled education. His parents showed character when they did not kill him when his life first began. Now he shows character in standing up for what they did.

The whole nation will be watching next Sunday when Tim Tebow and his mother appear on national television to oppose abortion, and to affirm that they are glad that little Timmy was not killed. Tim is showing great character just be being in this ad. Homeschooled students do well academically. Their scores on average are highest. They do well socially. They make the best citizens. But when we see Tim Tebow standing against abortion, standing against stabbing infants, standing against his own murder, it must be remembered that what homeschooling teaches best is character.