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Issue 138, December 14, 2009
In association with Pass It On Ministries
By Dan L. White

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Obama's Recommended Reading To Public Schools

It is widely known that Obama appointed a homosexual activist to be his school safety czar. That czar is Kevin Jennings, who founded GLSEN, the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network. GLSEN exists to influence America’s youth through the public schools and they have a list of recommended books that they make available to the public schools. For grades seven through twelve that list contains such titles as:

Love & Sex: Ten Stories of Truth

In Your Face

Growing Up Gay/Growing Up Lesbian

Queer 13

A blog called Gateway Pundit reported on researchers who have taken the time and trouble to go through the list of books that GLSEN recommends to the public schools. They have made public the results of their research into these books.

Here are samples of what they found in the books. Again, these are recommended by GLSEN, which was founded by Kevin Jennings, who was appointed by Obama to be in charge of school safety. Therefore, this is what Obama is recommending that public school students read.

The books contained examples of:

1. "A six year old first grader licks the rears of his fellow first grade students, which is said to be part of a “busy homosexual childhood.”” Can you imagine a first grader licking the rears of the other students as part of a busy homosexual childhood? Have any of you known any busy homosexual first graders? Jennings and Obama think this is normal and good.

2 . "An adult Boy Scout troop leader shows a Boy Scout a picture of two adult men engaging in sodomy." The left wing intensely persecutes the Boy Scouts of America because the Boy Scouts do not want this to happen. Obviously Obama, Jennings and the leftists do want this to happen.

3. "A 13-year-old boy has a violent sexual encounter with an older man, and spends the rest of the year "enjoy(ing)...sexual encounters" with a string of older men." I wonder who came up with this story, the boy or the older men. Does this advocate freedom for the boys or child abuse by the older men? When Obama and Jennings recommend this material, are they not advocating child abuse? You see, such an encounter is illegal.

4. "An interview with a "sex worker" who praises prostitution as a way to raise self-esteem and have empowering sexual experiences." Actually, I don’t believe prostitutes are well known for being really satisfied with their lives.

5. "A boy has a sudden and impulsive incestuous encounter with a cousin." The left seeks to break down all sexual barriers, including the allowing of incest. Their way of life is to have no restraint whatsoever.

6. "A man fantasizes about cutting off his own genitalia to become a woman." This is kind of the left wing form of circumcision.

7. "Two 12-year-old boys turn up the volume on a Christian song to cover the sounds of them having sex." Obviously this is a direct slam against Christianity. However, if the Christians don’t get their boys out of Obama’s schools this will be a true scene. Once the boys read about this in the public schools, some will do it.

8. "A teenager boosts her self-esteem by having a lesbian affair with an adult teacher at her high school, the mother of a classmate." This is what the left wants to happen. Such activity, however, does not make the victim happier but casts one into depression and destruction and death. Again this is illegal activity that the Obamanites are promoting.

9. "A man engages in various sexual experiences in public restrooms". This is the most frequent expression of the homosexual lifestyle. Because of the leftists, public school restrooms will be used as Obama’s brothels. Who wants their children living in this kind of culture?

10. "A 12-year-old announces to her entire elementary school that she is a lesbian." That is the goal of GLSEN and Jennings, the conversion to perversion of the public school students.

So that is what is in the books that Jennings, Obama’s school safety czar, recommends and makes available to the public schools. This is what they want America’s children to read and this is how they want them to become.

That is no new revelation. One of the most obvious things in the world is that the Obamanites are trying to turn America into Sodom by using the government school monopoly.

I have read that 85% of Christians send their children to these schools. Therefore they are directly supporting this conduct. Most Christian pastors support the public schools. Therefore they are supporting this conduct. Ultimately it is they who give Obama and GLSEN the power to do this. They can succeed only if they have America’s youth under their control, which the public school monopoly gives them.

When will they change? At what point will they say, “Enough – it is time to stop supporting Obama’s public schools!”? For goodness sake, isn’t this enough?

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