We are Homeschool Helpers -

a Christian Ministry.

We have worked with Christian home school families for the last quarter century.  Every week we see dozens and dozens of these Christian homeschoolers, whose families have home schooled them for several years, and we are continually amazed at the exemplary conduct and Christian character of these fine young people

It's like a Christian mission to America.

Homeschoolers outscore the government schools on standardized tests and college entrance tests.  Even though they are enormously outnumbered, homeschool students repeatedly win national contests such as geography and spelling bees.  And, on a national average, each homeschool student saves the American taxpayers about a thousand dollars per student -- per month.

A little more in more affluent areas, a little less in others, but on a national average, each homeschool student saves the American taxpayers about a thousand dollars per month, per student.

Despite these great things, homeschoolers get very little outside help.  Not only do they not get a thousand dollars a month for their education, they have to pay for everything, all books and supplies and activities.  Any social and sporting and fine arts activities they have, they have to come up with themselves.

We are Dan and Margie White, with Homeschool Helpers, a booster organization for Christian homeschoolers.  We homeschooled our own five children over a period of twenty-five years.  In the last two years we have conducted over two-hundred-fifty activities and classes for homeschoolers, and we hope to expand that.  We publish a weekly column, Homeschool News & Views, spreading the word about the good that Christian home schooling is doing.  We hold seminars with people who are interested in homeschooling.  We give song-inars before churches and groups, where our family presents a light musical performance and we tell about the positives of Christian homeschooling.

Almost nobody helps home schoolers.  We do.  Would you like to help us help them?  If so, your donation will directly help Homeschool Helpers support Christian homeschooling with activities, classes and information.  Christians believe in the practice of giving tithes or offerings.   A small part of your monthly Christian offering, as little as $20 a month, or a one time offering to Homeschool Helpers can have an impact on your country.  Think of it as a mission, not to Africa, not to India, not to China -- but to our beloved America.  If you have a business and would like to support homeschool-helpers, you can advertise in our weekly email column.  That will be a tax deductible expense for you and will help us help these homeschoolers who save us so much tax money.

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